1. Don't sweat the small stuff
Easier said than done, right? I don't know if it's pregnancy taking over, but my head seems to amplify things that I would have otherwise let go of. So making the decision to let it go will help me be a more patient wife, mother, daughter, etc.

2. Eat clean, Sweat often
I have had mostly sometimes healthy cravings during al of this. But I have made myself all too comfortable reaching for those M&M's at work or getting dessert when out to dinner. It's time to get back on track. As for the sweating; I am under strict orders not to exercise right now. I can't even go for a long walk. So once this baby comes I am getting my sweat on! I am a firm believer that exercise is the answer to happiness.

3. Choose happiness
Yes, it's a choice! Sometimes, especially when you're limited to doing just about nothing these days, it's really easy to fall into the slump that I'm in. It's easy to dwell on what I can't do, where I can't go, all the fun that I have to miss out on. Like cancelling our babymoon in Mexico, or missing NYE in Tahoe. But then I have to remember that I am a pretty lucky girl and that I'm only missing a little fun for a lifetime of joy.

4. $pend less, $ave more
This is an annual goal. I have made the budget, now it's just about sticking to it. This is the year we need to buy a house. We are getting close to having enough savings packed away and there's nothing like a baby to make you want to plant deep roots in the community. Babies don't need a ton of "stuff" and we received just about everything we needed at the baby shower. Mike and I also don't need more of anything. We aren't crazier spenders, but are both victims to thinking we need it. We don't. We can make due without it.

5. Netflix less, Read more
Reading is a habit that I love. But a habit that I have broken and need to pick back up. It's so easy to zone out on the television; but it's so much more rewarding to tune into a good story that makes you laugh, cry, think, explore, discuss, etc.

Next up is our maternity photo shoot this weekend. 
It's been raining quite a bit here in the Bay Area.
Hopefully we can still do the outdoor shoot we've been looking forward to.
Fingers crossed.
Now...what to wear...?


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