two dreaded words

I'm 23 weeks along and I'm already getting a really annoying diagnosis from my doctor. Those two dreaded words that should really not be uttered until at least 35 weeks into pregnancy... bed rest... eeeeek

The good news is that this is limited bed rest, so I can still go to work as long as I just sit down and don't lift anything. I know that every pregnancy is different but this has felt like a series of road bumps so far. I had an experimental procedure done last week in order to help me get closer to term. My hope is that this little girl is a little stubborn, like her mommy, and refuses to come out for a while!

My girlfriend brought me over a great care package with an adult coloring book, movies, magazines, chocolate, and a puzzle. I also have some little projects I can do at home in the meantime. I'm going to give knitting a shot... I found have a bunch of colored thread to take me back to third grade and make some friendship bracelets. I know it all sounds a little lame but sitting around unable to do anything about this situation makes me feel frustrated and stressed; two feelings that will not help me through this.


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