Flashback Friday: Puerto Rico

When M and I started dating I wanted to take a trip with him. 
I knew I could never love a man that didn't travel well. 
I wanted to see a new culture but heading out of the country with a man you've been dating a few months isn't the smartest thing to do. 
I planned our first trip to Puerto Rico.

We had one hell of a time.

Our hotel backed up to the Yunque Forest

We visited Old San Juan's fortresses

We hiked deep into the jungle where is rained on us for hours

We walked the beach for miles for fresh seafood, local beer, and fried plantains

Other trip highlights:

The loud "ker-cheep"sound coming from millions of dime sized frogs

Zip-lining, Rappelling & Spelunking

Lunch in a candlelit cave with my hunnie

Dinner inside of a giant shell


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