It's been three months since my last journal entry. It feels like a year. So many things have happened. Some goals already met, some losses already had.

Mike and I went on our honeymoon and had a fabulous time. We hiked ancient Inca ruins, trekked through the Amazon, filled our plates with fresh seafood, our glasses with Pisco, and our hearts with memories that will last a lifetime. Coming home was inevitable and we were back into our groove pretty quickly.

I started a new job with a local event planner that has incredible imagination and a crazy schedule! I still do a ton of side jobs which really helps with the rent. Mike's has also been picking up plenty of side jobs keeping us both occupied. We want to work really hard now so that we can relax a little later in life.

The holidays were low-key which was much needed after such a busy year. We spent time with our parents and siblings, sprinkling time with friends whenever we could. It has been an extremely cold winter so plenty of our nights are spent snuggled on the couch with cider and a movie.

We were looking forward to a slow start to 2016 but we were in for a rude awakening. I am sad to say that Mike and I lost a baby. It was a surprise to find out in the emergency room that we were expecting. My severe pain that brought us to the hospital resulted in surgery to remove my ectopic pregnancy. It was a sad day but every dark cloud has a silver lining. Our relationship cannot be rocked. In the hospital Mike and I were solid. I am proud to call him my husband, my biggest cheerleader; and I know he will carry me when I fall. I have no doubt in our future, our happiness, or our commitment to each other.

The next month will be boring. I can't drive anywhere, no 6am workouts, or any other exertion for the next few weeks. We are heading to Tahoe at the end of February for Mike's birthday and I told him it'll be a trip to remember. I'm going to make it extra special with indulgent home cooked dinners, new lingerie, and shredding on the snow covered slopes! I need to think of a great birthday gift too because he has been taking extra special care of me through this, and it's going to be a long recovery.

I sign off tonight feeling a little less sad and a little more hopeful. I have always believed that tomorrow is truly the first day of the rest of my life.

My reading list: 

I <3 Your Style by Amanda Brooks
Daring to be Yourself by Alexandra Stoddard
True Grace; The Life and Times of an American Princess by Wendy Leigh
Blues Poems by various authors


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